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Dear participants,


The necessary information on participation in the Finnish Open 2018 DanceSport Championships is presented below.

Important information for participants

Order hotels for a special price


Especially for the tournament participants, links are available for booking hotels at the lowest prices in Helsinki, including the nearest hotel to the venue.

We recommend to book rooms at the main hotel of the tournament well in advance. It is expected to be fully booked in the beginning of January. Follow the link below to reserve hotels with special prices.

Registration for the tournament

Registration is carried out only through the electronic system.

Participation in several groups


The tournament schedule will allow the dancers to participate in several groups during one day. In the Schedule section, you can see a table that shows the possibility of participating in different groups.

Registration at the tournament


All couples, including couples with the stars, must register on the day of the competition and pick up their number, preferably 1 hour and at the latest 30 minutes before the start of the first round of the competition category, so that the total number of pairs involved is known.

In case of cancellation of participation, it is necessary to inform by e-mail until 26.02.2018.

Hairstyles and make-up at the tournament


The professional Make-up and hairstyle companies will work at the tournament. You need to book the time in advance.

Adjudicators of the competition


Since 2018, the Finnish Open Championship has introduced rules for the selection and rotation of the judging panel.

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International Training Camp

International training camp with top latin and standard teachers will take place the day after the competition on Monday 5.03.2018.

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