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Competition Place

Our address is Rajatorpantie 23, 01600 Vantaa.
Energy Arena is part of the Myyrmäki Sports Park, for which the address is Raappavuorentie 10.

The Myyrmäki Sports Park is located in the middle of the busiest metropolitan area, between Hämeenlinnanväylä and Vihdintie and Kehä I and Kehä III.

Myyrmäki Train Station is a 15-minute walk away!

More info on Energia Areena website.

In the vicinity of the Myyrmäki Sports Park, the buses of the following lines stop:
571 Tikkurila - Varisto
411 Elielinaukio (Helsinki) - Myyrmäki
565 Espoo Center - Vantaankoski
510 Tapiola - Martinlaakso
335 Linnainen - Askisto
311 Hämeenkylä - Myyrmäki
415N Airport - Elielinaukio (Helsinki), stops at Myyrmäki Station

From Helsinki city center take the P-train, from the area around Tikkurila the I-train. You can take the I-train straight from the Airport to Myyrmäki station.

Parking space is available for over a thousand cars.

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